Joyce Guentzel's Pastel Class Material List

Any brand.

Pastel Pencils:
I use Carb-Othello but whatever you have.

Kneaded Eraser:

Pastel (or Charcoal) Paper:
I use Canson the most.

Charcoal and Charcoal Pencils:

Drawing Board:
Any smooth board approx. 16" x 20" or larger with clamps and
rubberbands to hold your paper.

Tracing and Graphite Paper:

This is what I will be using in class. BRING WHATEVER YOU HAVE. If
you don't have supplies, I will have some items available and we can
place an order.

Any questions, call me: Joyce Guentzel at 263-7272.

The Range Creative Art Center has some pastel chalk, a 24 set chalk-pastel
pencil set, transfer paper, charcoal vine sticks, drawing tablets
and a few sheets of colored pastel paper for sale.